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Appeal Letter to Holyoke First Members; Stance on Wal-Mart

22 August,
Dear Holyoke First Members,
On behalf of the Committee to Elect
Rebecca Lisi, I would like to request that you consider supporting my 2013
re-election bid for Holyoke City Council At-Large with a formal endorsement and
by making individual financial contributions to my campaign.
During the 2008 Lowe’s controversy I
consistently represented the neighborhood’s opposition to the changing the zoning
of the sited Whiting Farms Rd. parcel. 
In fact, I was one of only four councilors (Lisi, Lopez, Pluta, and
Whelihan) to vote against the zone
change at our January 6, 2009 city council meeting.  As I stated then, jobs and a robust tax base
are the keys to successful economic development.  The development of a Wal-Mart does not
contribute to our ability to develop either of these goals and the “by-right,”
Business General zoning actually puts us at a disadvantage in negotiating
contract benefits for the city compared to where we were years ago when the
Lowe’s project was on the table.
Holyoke was founded on and drew its
past success from sophisticated urban planning. 
Like you, I believe that Holyoke’s future rests in its ability to
attract an arts and industrial economic base that will support a downtown
revitalization and renaissance.  I have
advocated for this course of development since my 2005 city council
campaign.  “Big box” development such as
Wal-Mart in the Whiting Farms neighborhood directly undermines the progress we
have made in welcoming creative projects such as the Victory Theater, the MA
Green High Power Computing Center, and the Gateway City Arts to the downtown
I hope that you will support my
candidacy for another term as the only remaining councilor that has a proven
track record for defending the neighborhood’s interests.  The at-large race is very competitive this
year and I will certainly need your help. 
I look forward to continue working with you all on growing and
sustaining Holyoke’s burgeoning arts and industrial presence in Western
Best regards,
Rebecca Lisi
Holyoke City Councilor At-Large

To donate, please make checks payable
to the Committee to Elect Rebecca Lisi
and mail to

25 Reservation Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040,
or contribute on-line at
Lisi, Rebecca. 
Monday, December 8, 2008.  “Holyoke
Needs to Engage in Plan for Economic Success.”
Lisi, Rebecca. 
Sunday, January 4, 2009.  “Zone-change
presents unique opportunity for Holyoke.”

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