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Lisi anuncia campaña para la alcaldía

Aunque no hablo español muy bien voy a leer mi discurso en español. Hola, mi nombre es Rebecca Lisi y he pasado los últimos 14 años como concejal en general para la cuidad de Holyoke. Estoy aquí con mi marido,…

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Lisi announces mayoral campaign

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lisi and I’ve spent the past 14 years as a Councilor at-large for the City of Holyoke. I’m here with my husband, Damian, and our son, Lucien. I wish to thank you all for joining…

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Lisi statement on Morse departure

With Alex Morse announcing that he will not be running for a fifth mayoral term, I want to note that I appreciate the years of service that he gave to our City. I wish him the very best in his…

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Department Productivity Discussion

Ever wonder why it seems that the City of Holyoke can't ever get out from "behind the eight ball?" Listen to the powerful testimonies of our Department Heads from across the City explaining the impact that non-competitive salaries are having…

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The Birthing Center at HMC is at risk of closing

An update from the front lines. This past Spring, Holyoke Medical Center (HMC) announced that it intended to close its Birthing Center. When the news reached the City Council at its June 16th meeting, many Councilors were shocked at the…

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Holyoke, I'm so proud of all that we've accomplished since I was first elected in 2007. Developed opportunities for mixed-use development downtown through a Smart Growth Overlay Zone and Urban Renewal Plan Turned historic Lyman Terrace into a model Green-rebuild…

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