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Neighborhood groups provide opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another, work together toward common goals, and develop the civic skills necessary for democratic participation. Neighborhood events and programming will foster a rich community life.


I helped found c.r.u.s.h. which was responsible for a spurt of broad civic volunteerism that led to the canals being lit for the holidays, a winter carnival, and several years of the Great Holyoke Block Party, among other city events and educational forums.


Fund the creation of Neighborhood Associations where neighbors get to meet each other, learn about the issues in their neighborhoods, and find ways to work together on common, shared goals.

Holyoke Issues / Cuestiones de Holyoke
1. Municipal Internet
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Civic Participation
5. COVID Recovery
6. Municipal Services
7. Housing
8. Public Safety
9. Historic Preservation
10. Energy and Environment
11. Financial Best Practices
12. Open Government
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