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Councilor Lisi announces candidacy for re-election

from The Sun
April 24-30, 2009
Holyoke – After a successful first year serving the City of Holyoke as an at-large city councilor, Rebecca Lisi took out nomination papers for her re-election campaign for the position. , Councilor Lisi is committed to continuing to represent the diverse needs of the people and neighborhoods throughout the city with a strong and independent voice. “I’ve worked very hard in this first term to learn about the different issues that have come through the Council and I have considered it my responsibility to publicly share that information with Holyoke residents, so that they can make educated decisions about how they would like to be represented on those issues,” said Lisi. As in her last two runs for office, Councilor Lisi plans to pursue an extensive door-to-door campaign because she believes that good government requires reaching out and listening to the specific needs and concerns Holyoke residents. For several years, Lisi worked as a policy advocate and community organizer with Clean Water Action and understands that citizens need to be engaged in the democratic process for government to function efficiently and effectively. She is passionate about politics and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Councilor Lisi is excited about the upcoming campaign season and is energized by the number of new and young candidates who are following her lead and finding local politics a valuable way to make positive changes in the quality of life for residents throughout the city. She hopes that as a new generation of Holyokers begins to take leadership in city government and work together with new ideas and guidance from seasoned mentors, real progress can be made toward revitalizing the city. Lisi commented, “Holyoke’s future success rests on our ability to come together as a community and share our ideas, resources, and skills. As a founding member of c.r.u.s.h. (Citizens for the Revitalization and Urban Success of Holyoke) I have seen that we in fact have that capacity and I am confident that we are already on the right path”.Councilor Lisi will be discussing more of her platform at her upcoming campaign kick-off event on May 27 at the Bungalow at the waterfront Tavern The Delaney House. For more information about the campaign and opportunities to get involved, visit

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