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COVID economic recovery will be a chance to reimagine and rebuild our communities around systems of care and respect. We need to have a neighborhood-based approach to development that highlights our local assets and centers on people and their needs.  


Throughout the pandemic, I used my position and platform as a public official to keep our community informed about vital COVID-19 statistics, testing opportunities, and the vaccine rollout. I successfully advocated for additional testing sites in Western MA to ensure that Holyoke residents were not crowded out of the two Holyoke sites that were servicing the entire region. I also led the fight for affordable high-speed internet which was essential for families working and learning from home (and will be crucial for those work-from-home jobs that never return to the office).


Work to make Holyoke “city of opportunity” where city life possesses a dynamic quality and families have greater access to upward mobility. This can be achieved by preserving the historic architecture and highlighting our cultural diversity (through placemaking projects like El Corazon de Holyoke). I will continue to fight for municipal fiber internet that will make Holyoke attractive to folks who can work from home, while also growing manufacturing jobs, arts and cultural attractions, and small business entrepreneurship that provide new opportunities for those hit hardest by the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Holyoke Issues / Cuestiones de Holyoke
1. Municipal Internet
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Civic Participation
5. COVID Recovery
6. Municipal Services
7. Housing
8. Public Safety
9. Historic Preservation
10. Energy and Environment
11. Financial Best Practices
12. Open Government
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