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Education is a community responsibility to prepare our youth to become the political and business leaders of tomorrow. We need a plan for reducing state support and regaining local control that is reflective of our community.


I was out front advocating for improving our city’s school buildings and moving the district back to a middle school model of education in the 2019 ballot initiative campaign. I am an active member of the Equity Coalition that works to ensure that our schools include diverse representation and voices from across the community.


Include the community in a plan for how to regain local control of our schools and continue to fight for the funding and resources needed in order to support our learners and their families.

Holyoke Issues / Cuestiones de Holyoke
1. Municipal Internet
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Civic Participation
5. COVID Recovery
6. Municipal Services
7. Housing
8. Public Safety
9. Historic Preservation
10. Energy and Environment
11. Financial Best Practices
12. Open Government
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