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Green energy from the hydroelectric dam is a part of Holyoke’s legacy. While the federal government drags its feet and the Commonwealth does what it can, front-line communities like Holyoke must balance the pressing energy needs of our community with the immediate impacts of climate change.


I helped Holyoke gain “Green Community” status which allows the City to qualify for State grant and funding opportunities that finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at the local level.

I led Holyoke’s effort to become the FIRST in the Commonwealth to pass a resolution in support of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

I supported the $275,000 Barr Grant that would have helped Holyoke map out a just energy transition to renewable energy sources.


Work in close partnership with Holyoke Gas and Electric to ensure we are using our existing natural gas capacity efficiently. I am committed to making sure Holyoke has the capacity we need to grow today, while also diversifying the city’s energy portfolio, and planning for a renewable energy transition tomorrow.

Holyoke Issues / Cuestiones de Holyoke
1. Municipal Internet
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Civic Participation
5. COVID Recovery
6. Municipal Services
7. Housing
8. Public Safety
9. Historic Preservation
10. Energy and Environment
11. Financial Best Practices
12. Open Government
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