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Jason Garand on behalf of the VOTE LISI campaign

Dear friends and neighbors,

My name is Jason Garand and I live on Mountain View Drive with my wife Peggy. Almost 31 years ago, I joined Carpenters Union  Local 108 (now Local 336).  For 24 of those years, I had worked in the union office helping carpenters and other craftspeople fight for decent wages, good benefits, and fair work conditions. The families that I represented are your neighbors, family, and friends. They are blue-collar working people that build the bridges we drive over, the offices we work in, and the schools are children go to.  We are part of this great community and want to live in a city that understands our values.

I was brought up knowing that part of the responsibility of living in a community is to get involved.  Knowing the people that we elect is the first step.  I met Rebecca shortly after she won her first At-Large race.  Holyoke was changing. I grew up in the Elmwood section of the city and knew our city’s past; I also knew that we were never going back to the days where thousands of our neighbors were going to work every day in the mills.  It was a hard mindset to change but we needed leaders who understood that our path was not going backward.  Rebecca was not only open to those changes, but she had the courage to take the lead on so many important pieces of legislation. She also understood that we couldn’t leave anyone behind. While I am now retired, those values were, and still are, important to me and so many of the members and their families that I represented.

The work our elected officials do is not easy.  Rebecca puts in the hard work and long hours to make sure the ordinances, budgets, and master plans are done right.  I am proud of her track record and especially her commitment from day one to giving everyone a voice throughout the whole process.  I trust Rebecca to continue to do her best for Holyoke and that is why I am supporting her today.

Please join me in actively supporting and voting for Rebecca Lisi for Holyoke City Council at-Large on November 5, 2019.  The toughest ask in any campaign is financial.  Contributions to print up literature, build visibility with lawn signs, and help get her message out is critical for her work to continue. With a crowded at-Large field this year; it will be harder for candidates like Rebecca to be heard.

Can you take a moment right now to support Rebecca by making a donation to her campaign? Small or large, every bit helps.

Thank you for your interest in our community,
Jason Garand

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