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Jesus Pereira on behalf of the VOTE LISI campaign

Dear friends and neighbors,

My name is Jesus M Pereira and I am the founder of Vet Air Inc. a Holyoke-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that Veterans have the necessary travel solutions to and from their medical care appointments free of charge. My passion for supporting our Veterans comes from an unbreakable bond we Veterans have for each other and from truly believing in the military adage “I’ve got your six” which means “I’ve got your back (6 o’clock).”

I first met Rebecca at a Memorial Day event in the spring of 2017. It was through this encounter that it came to light that her husband served as a United States Marine. This connection to military service among those who represent our city is of vital importance to me, since it is crucial that legislators understand the challenges faced by our Veterans and currently serving members of the armed forces when making decisions about which services and programs to fund in our community.

Recently, Rebecca took on a lead role in the City Council to advance a request for a large grant from the Veterans Administration. The $750,000 grant would provide Holyoke Veterans with professional case management options while transitioning into permanent housing from an insecure living situation. Councilor Lisi wrote a robust letter of support for the grant and then offered it to the full City Council to sign on in support. Through her hard work and advocacy, her letter gained a unanimous endorsement from her colleagues.

Rebecca’s connection to and understanding of military service members, Veterans, and their families, makes it easy to support her during her re-election campaign.

Please join me in voting for Rebecca Lisi for Holyoke City Council at-Large on November 5, 2019. 

Thank you,
Jesus M Pereira

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