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Letter to the Editor, Vote Lisi

from The Sun, September 28, 2007

Dear Editor:

Two years ago I answered a knock at the door and encountered Rebecca Lisa for the first time. We chatted about some local issues, some we agreed on and a few we didn’t. In all cases Rebecca had a considered and thoughtful point of view. I talked to some of my neighbors after that encounter and urged them to give her consideration…and was of course disappointed when she fell short of the vote total needed for election from Ward 7..

Since then Rebeccas has continued to stay abreast of local political issues, and once again is running for a council position…this time as a council(wo)man-at-large. Holyoke needs farsighted and thoughtful people like Rebecca in council…people who will sometimes take the lead, sometimes challenge, but always put the welfare of the community and effectiveness/efficiency of governement first. Rebecca is a person who establishes high expectations of herself and her work, and encourages others to do the same. I believe she would add a vibrant, effective energy to the city council if elected.

I urge you as well as my fellow citizens of Holyoke (both Anglo and Latino) to pay close attention to this young woman during the campaign. I believe you will conclude, as I have, that REBECCA LISI deserves both your newspaper’s endorsment and the votes of the citizens of Holyoke.

Harry F Lavo

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