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Lisi’s Campaign Kick-Off; A Future Rooted in History

press release; June 19, 2007

HOLYOKE- Wednesday, June 13, At-Large Candidate Rebecca Lisi of 25 Reservation Road celebrated her campaign kick-off at the Delaney House with friends, neighbors and community stakeholders. At the event, Lisi shared her vision for a re-vitalized Holyoke that makes use of the city’s historic past.

“We need to move forward with an appreciation and admiration for the work and the structures established thus far… Smart Growth Principles build upon the existing infrastructure of our industrially planned city,” Lisi said.

Smart Growth encourages compact development in a city’s urban core that protects historic resources, preserves green spaces, and promotes mixed industrial, commercial, and residential uses. These principles can increase job and business opportunities by attracting private sector investments to areas near clusters of housing, workforce, and transportation options.

Lisi said, “Directing development downtown makes economic avenues clear and predictable and develops a tax base that can help relieve the city of its massive subsidies. When we invest in… downtown, we create a Holyoke that is safe, attractive, and affordable for young people, families, and seniors to live”.

Lisi also mentioned the need for increased resident participation in city government and organizations. She stated that supportive partnerships and shared responsibility between the city, its residents, businesses and the numerous non-profits located in Holyoke can make our community more effective as a group.

“The people in Holyoke are this city’s greatest resource. We need to make use of their interest and commitment to this community. I am going door-to-door to connect with residents face-to-face so we can work on overcoming challenges together”.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    This site looks great! I think that you have some sound ideas about helping to get Holyoke on a better course that will benefit all of our futures. As you know, I’m a big fan who’s hoping you succeed!
    Regards and Good Luck,
    Dean Nimmer

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