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On “Misogyny and Loathing in Holyoke”

everyone for the outpouring of kindness and support that you have
demonstrated toward me in reaction to the comments inadvertently caught on tape at last night’s City Council meeting. Below you will find my
thoughts on the incident:

This is not the first time Bresnahan
has lobbed insulting or inappropriate comments at me or my husband,
Building Commissioner Damian Cote, so his behavior does not surprise me.

The occurrence speaks to Bresnahan’s character- which he clearly exposed to the Holyoke community through his comments.

He not only owes me and every other mother, or mother-to-be an apology,
but he also owes the Holyoke community at-large an apology for the
detrimental representation of our city that his actions portray to
surrounding communities — especially when there are so many of us
working hard every day to create a more positive image of Holyoke.

I hope that the voters hold Bresnahan accountable for his actions and
fail to re-elect him to the City Council this November. I also hope that
in the future Councilor Todd McGee would refuse to tolerate such sexist
and unprofessional comments in our work environment.

For my
part, I want to focus on the exciting step that my husband and I are
taking together in welcoming a new addition to our family.

For more information regarding the incident and Council members’ reactions, see also:

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