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My father and grandfather were both police officers, so I understand the value placed on maintaining a safe community. All Holyoke residents deserve to feel safe and protected in all neighborhoods across the city. We need budget conscious, evidence-based approaches to reducing crime and improving the safety and well-being of our residents.


Advocated for community policing models, inquired about the level of police department militarization, and called for independent review of police department structure, policies, and practices.


Ensure that the police department is employing the most cost-effective strategies to reduce crime, reign in overtime costs, and empower a citizen’s commission to ensure transparency and accountability.

Holyoke Issues / Cuestiones de Holyoke
1. Municipal Internet
2. Economic Development
3. Education
4. Civic Participation
5. COVID Recovery
6. Municipal Services
7. Housing
8. Public Safety
9. Historic Preservation
10. Energy and Environment
11. Financial Best Practices
12. Open Government
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