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Rebecca Lisi Submits Nomination Papers for Open At-Large Seat

from The Sun; August 31, 2007:

HOLYOKE- Rebecca Lisi of 25 Reservation Rd. submitted her nomination papers for At-Large City Councilor to the City Clerk with over 300 signatures from residents throughout the city- only 50 are required. Lisi is running an aggressive door-to-door campaign and started by talking with neighbors in several wards.

“Holyoke is changing and so is the way its residents interact with the city. It is important for a politician to listen to peoples’ experiences and bring those voices to the table, in order to get an accurate understanding of how we can work to enhance the quality of life here”.

Bill and Sandra Rigali of 42 Knollwood Cir. agree, “Going door-to-door demonstrates Rebecca’s willingness to meet people face-to-face and get their input about how to improve our wonderful city”.

Lisi is very familiar with door-to-door organizing. She directed Clean Water Action’s Canvass Operation for nearly 4 years, helping to mobilize constituents for clean air, clean water, and public health legislation. Rebecca also has experience coordinating grassroots election campaigns, including several aspects of Deval Patrick’s gubernatorial race in Western Massachusetts.

A strong proponent of Smart Growth, Rebecca Lisi will focus her campaign on downtown re-vitalization as a way to make Holyoke attractive to residents and investors alike. Smart Growth encourages mixed-use development in the city’s urban core to protect historic resources, preserve green spaces, and promote cultural diversity. These principles can increase job and business opportunities by attracting private sector investments to areas near clusters of housing, workforce, and transportation options.

Lisi remarks, “Holyoke has so many young people in the city who are yearning to live the American Dream. With increased job opportunities and affordable housing, young people will re-invest in the city, become productive tax paying citizens, increase the city’s ability to generate revenue, and support a community invested in success”.

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