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Residents have ‘crush’ on Paper City

from The Reminder; September 4, 2008
By G. Michael Dobbs
Managing Editor

HOLYOKE- A group of Holyoke residents recently expressed having a crush on their hometown by launching a new organization, Citizens for the Revitalization and Urban Success of Holyoke (CRUSH).

The group met for its first event on Thursday at the Bungalow of Waterfront tavern. With music playing in the background and about 20 mostly young people seated and talking in the outdoor area, it appeared to be a gathering one would find in Northampton.

One of the points CRUSH is hoping to make is to challenge the public’s perceptions about Holyoke, according to CRUSH members Laurie Landry and Rebecca Sutter.

To help that effort all of the people attending the event were asked to fill out a survey that asked what the city’s strengths and weaknesses are as well as what respondents would like to see as priorities for the city.

Both women are Holyoke natives and residents who said the organization’s first meeting in July attracted not only natives, but people who have moved to the Paper City as well as those who just work in Holyoke.

The organization is a grassroots effort and Landry thanked the owner of the Waterfront tavern for donating the use of the bungalow for the meeting.

The plan for CRUSH is to sponsor one event a month culminating hopefully in a New Year’s gala, Landry said.

Sutter said that some people don’t realize the advantages Holyoke has in being located next to three major highways and having the river providing a green power source. She added that potential homebuyers could find affordable beautiful homes in the city as well.

The organization will be making announcements about future events on its Web site at

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  1. I really think this is great. I am originally from Chicopee and never would see such passion for ones hometown. I see endless potential and character in Holyoke. I hope it can turn around.

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