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Smart Growth District a welcome addition

Letter to Editor
from The Sun, June 20-26

Dear Editor,

Your recent article on the decision of the City Council to approve a zoning change that allows the creation of a Smart Growth Overlay District in downtown Holyoke is welcome news. I was particularly pleased to learn that the change earned the unanimous approval of the Council since, in my view, sustained focus on revitalizing downtown Holyoke has been lacking among that body. Also encouraging were the sentiments of the Councilors quoted in your article that suggest such a focus may indeed become a more central priority for them. Insofar as that is true, Holyokers would be remiss in failing to note the contribution that Rebecca Lisi has made in bringing the matter of Smart Growth to the attention of the residents and political leadership of Holyoke. Her efforts to educate voters about the principles of Smart Growth, and to advocate for their implementation since her 2005 campaign for City Council, mark the beginning of a long-overdue public discussion about the most daunting (and, potentially, most promising) challenge facing the city. While Lisi does not appear in your article, her work should not go unnoticed.

Sincerely yours,

David Swiderski

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