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Rebecca Lisi announces candidacy for At-Large City Council seat

from The Sun, April 6, 2007:

HOLYOKE- Rebecca Lisi of 25 Reservation Rd. took out papers this week to run for an At-Large City Council seat. Lisi, who has lived in Holyoke since 2004, ran for Ward 7 City Council in 2005 and lost only marginally to Councilor Jay O’Neill. “When campaigning for the Ward 7 seat, many Holyoke citizens told me that the issues I want to take on are more appropriate for an At-Large Councilor. I am running with that momentum this year,” said Lisi.

Lisi will again focus on revitalizing the downtown as part of her campaign platform. She believes that Smart Growth strategies can help improve the quality of life throughout Holyoke by establishing clear and predictable avenues for economic development. Smart Growth concentrates urban redevelopment to compact areas downtown, where the infrastructure already exists, preserving our natural environment, and utilizing our community diversity.

Lisi works as a political organizer for Clean Water Action. She helps develop grassroots campaigns to protect public health and the environment. This past year she successfully led the organization’s endorsement efforts for Deval Patrick’s campaign for Governor. For her own 2005 campaign and also for Patrick’s, she knocked on many doors in the city and will continue to do so for this At-Large campaign. Lisi said, “Canvassing is really important to any political campaign. It’s where I get to listen and engage with the real issues and concerns of the people who live here”.

Rebecca Lisi is also very involved in many community organizations in Holyoke. She teaches yoga classes at the Holyoke YMCA. Lisi has volunteered with the Holyoke Youth Task Force since 2005 and recently took the position of Chair to the newly formed Advocacy Committee. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Nueva Esperanza.

Lisi said, “Holyoke is a special place and I’ve met so many people working hard to overcome the challenges we have to deal with here. I’d like to be in a position where I can support these efforts and help make the city safer and more vibrant”.

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