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Appeal Letter to Citizens for a Better Holyoke Members

Dear Citizens for a Better Holyoke Members,

On behalf of the Committee to Elect
Rebecca Lisi, I would like to request that you consider supporting my 2013
re-election bid for Holyoke City Council At-Large with a formal endorsement and
by making individual financial contributions to my campaign.
In my 2011 campaign platform I promised
to oppose casino development in Holyoke and have held true to that commitment
over the past two years.  I have proven
to be a strong and vocal opponent of casino development in the council chambers
and have voted against all the proposed orders that would have helped to
advance casino development in the city. 
I also played a key role in persuading Mayor Morse to reverse his course
of action at the moment that he was considering opening up Holyoke to
negotiations with casino developers in November 2012.
Like you, I believe that Holyoke’s
future rests in its ability to attract an arts and industrial economic base
that will support a downtown revitalization and renaissance.  In fact, I have advocated for this course of
development since my 2005 city council campaign.  Casino development- anywhere in the city-
would directly undermine the progress we have made in welcoming in creative
projects such as the Victory Theater, the MA Green High Power Computing Center,
and the Gateway City Arts.
I appreciate the trust that you have
placed with me regarding this issue and look forward to upholding my clearly
anti-casino position in even the next term. 
Additionally, I hope to continue working with you all on growing and
sustaining Holyoke’s burgeoning arts and industrial presence in Western
Best regards,
Rebecca Lisi
Holyoke City Councilor At-Large
To donate, please make checks payable to the Committee to Elect Rebecca Lisi and mail to
25 Reservation Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040, or contribute on-line at
“Rebecca Lisi’s leadership on the casino question provides a great
example of her thoughtful approach to complex issues. As a resident of Ward 4,
I particularly appreciate her attention to the real and detrimental
consequences a casino would have for downtown economic development as well as
for quality of life throughout the city. Rebecca takes into account
constituents’ concerns while always keeping an eye on the big picture, and I
trust her to make good decisions on governance and policy, to step up on
important issues, regardless of how controversial taking a clear position may
Van Pelt
246 Walnut Street
“While City Councilor Rebecca Lisi is certainly not a
“one-issue” representative, I am confident that she understands that bringing a
casino into Holyoke would not have solved our economic, educational, safety, or
social problems, and more likely would have increased them.  She consistently and accurately educated
herself and her constituents on this serious issue and her voting record
reflects this.  I believe that Rebecca
Lisi understands that no form of a casino would ever be beneficial to Holyoke,
and that we must concentrate on the industries and healthy development that
would enhance the lives of all of Holyoke’s residents from Ward 7 to the Flats.”
100 Southampton Road
“Rebecca Lisi has my support and my
vote for Holyoke City Councilor, not in the least because of her extremely
strong and well-articulated anti-casino stance. When the casino winds started
blowing through town, Rebecca didn’t lose her cool, but instead laid out the facts
so that the greater good of the community would not be lost in the face of
unsubstantiated propaganda.  Progressive
Holyokers can rejoice that someone as smart and passionate as Rebecca is
representing them, and that is why I will be casting my vote to re-elect
Councilor Lisi.”
-Morriss Partee
127 Saint Kolbe Drive

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