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Vote Lisi signs sweep Holyoke

from The Sun, September 28, 2007

HOLYOKE- Residents and visitors alike cannot travel across the city for long without encountering one of the red, white, and blue signs advertizing Rebecca Lisi’s At-Large Campaign for City Council. Lisi, of 25 Reservation Rd., has been campaigning door-to-door since July of this year, making use of both the internet and personal contact with voters to deliver her campaign message. The lawn signs display her website ( so even a brief glimpse of the familiar colors can be enough of a lead for residents-on-the-go to learn more about her campaign goals.

“I understand that residents lead busy lives and cannot always make it to events or meetings where issues are being discussed. My campaign website allows people to ‘connect’ to local politics, despite time constraints, and provides access to ideas and information about improving our quality of life in Holyoke,” said Lisi.

Rebecca Lisi’s campaign focuses on three primary goals: strong schools that are supported by community members and organizations, downtown revitalization and zoning that directs development towards the city center, and creating more jobs in Holyoke by attracting new businesses to the city with creative incentives.

“Policies that help re-connect residents to opportunities downtown will help create investments that will ultimately serve and sustain the entire city,” said Lisi.
Lisi has gone door-to-door in Wards 3, 5, 6 and 7. She plans to continue canvassing until the election and anticipates covering most of the city. While knocking on doors, Lisi is communicating her campaign message while allowing residents the opportunity to share with her, their experiences and concerns. Rebecca Lisi is interested in an open and responsive city government. The blog component on her website is set up to collect feedback, comments, and questions that contribute to the dialogue as well.

Lisi remarks, “Going door-to door is very humbling. You realize that there is value in each person’s perspective or understanding of a situation, although they may be different. I intend on being a councilor who will utilize these distinctions and remain attentive to the diverse needs of all of Holyoke’s residents”.

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